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About the pendant

The team talk about the discovery of the shale pendant

3D scan of the pendant

Laura Fitton's 3D scan of the pendant

Yorkshire 9000BC

Anthony Masinton's 3D visualisation of the site as it would have looked

Digging for Britain

BBC TV's series focussing on archaeological work in the UK

Skulls, Shamans and Sacrifice in Stone Age Britain

Footage from the final excavation season at Star Carr

NDTV News Report

India's NDTV report on Britain's Oldest House

Aerial footage of the 2015 excavation

Quadcopter video of the team in the field

More aerial footage of the 2015 excavation

Additional quadcopter video of the site

Star Carr: The Other Side of the Antler

A documentary exploring the 2006 excavations at Star Carr

The oldest Mesolithic art in Britain

Additional video of the pendant