Star Carr Archives Project

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to conducting research on past excavations at Star Carr is access to the archive. Much of the paper archive is missing and Clark's excavated assemblage has been dispersed across many museums. English Heritage funded an 'archive mapping' project with the primary aims of locating and cataloguing as much of the material as possible to enable further research and these archives and information are now hosted in the Archaeology Data Service.

Cayton and Flixton Carrs Wetland project

This partnership project in the Vale of Pickering aims to rehabilitate a nationally-important wetland landscape through sensitive farm management. It will make the Vale a richer place for wildlife and more attractive and accessible for all.

Mesolithic Miscellany

This is a useful site for finding out more about the Mesolithic-Mesolithic Miscellany is a journal which can be downloaded for free and it reports on recent work and news in the Mesolithic World.

Stone Age Bog Group

This group has been set up with the intention of bringing together specialists who work on bog sites across Europe to discuss cutting edge scientific methods and to evaluate the threats to this valuable cultural resource with a view to future action and collaboration.